Aim to try to depict various textures using different materials, tools, and methods. I didn’t make notes as I was doing this exercise so this blog entry is being composed several weeks and several pieces later. I look back at this page of my sketchbook now and see that I was very restrained in this first part of exercise – I’m going to re-visit it and have more fun.

The one that was very successful was dropping ink onto wet paper to represent the soft downy parts of a feather, and drawing the ink out with a stick to depict the tougher fibres and the shaft at the base.

Experiment with frottage. I haven’t considered incorporating this as part of a piece before. In my mind, it was something you do on a school trip to a museum or cathedral. I still haven’t used it in my subsequent work so I need to bear this in mind. I am completely enamoured with the willow charcoal at the moment so other media are not getting a look in! I did enjoy finding surfaces around the house that ‘work’ with frottage, some that I didn’t expect such as cork and watercolour paper.

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