Loosely describe a group of at least 6 differently sized and shaped objects, considering weight, transparency, spaces between them. Evidently I was not very good at reading instruction at the start of this course! My work cannot be said to ‘loosely describe’ the objects; I got caught up in the process and the drawing is rather more detailed than I think is called for. Having said that, I’m pleased with the result except for the base of the mug in the left drawing. This is the first still-life I’ve done for decades and I was surprised how I naturally returned to the techniques I was taught in the past to capture proportions and angles with an outstretched arm and charcoal stick/pencil. I used willow charcoal and charcoal pencils, taking away with a putty rubber. I used low-grade un-bleached paper.

Observation – I’m taking photographs of my work in order to add them to this blog and this provides a view that I can’t see in real life. The base of the cup looked ok to me until I looked at the photograph of my drawing. Is this the discovery of a useful tool or will it stifle me later? I will be showing others my work almost exclusively via photographs of it…. I know myself well enough to see that this will become part of my ‘is it finished?’ process. I wonder if anyone else does this. I’ll put it to my peers in the email group.

Update- I had responses from a number of people, all saying they do the same and further describing other methods of review such as looking at the picture in a mirror, or upside down, or converting the photos to black and white to check contrast and balance of tone.

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