This assignment is designed to pull together the fine observation and practice that you’ve done on this part of the course. You’re free to choose your own source material and media. Whatever you choose to draw, be selective and remember that your subject matter might be quite different to your source material. Much can be expressed through sensitive composition and creative use of materials. 


I have used one end of an angled panoramic photograph of my lounge to give me a guide to the distortions and foreshortening seen in this piece, and of a constant light source. I used A2 rough paper, soft pastels and conte sticks.

Progress shots:

Final Piece:

I’m very pleased with the final drawing. I feel I must qualify the tonal values of the walls by saying that they are actually different colours in real life. The walls on the left that form the corners in which the bookcases stand are chocolate brown, and the others are a mushroom colour that matches the lampshade. It is fairly close to the colour in the drawing.

I’m surprised and very happy to have been able to achieve the level of realism I have done with only soft media, on rough paper that cannot be overworked since it starts to break up.

I like the composition; it is unusual enough to make the picture interesting without distracting from the warm, homely feel of the scene.

My favourite part is the bright sunlight coming through the curtain. I also am pleased with the sofa; I have successfully captured the sagging cushions that form part of the much-travelled feline route to the windows, next to the pristine ones that no-one ever sits against. This gives me a strong emotional connection to this picture.

What isn’t successful: The angle of the top of the left hand bookcase is completely wrong. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice that until I took a photograph of the picture. The sunlight coming through the door was almost as bright as that coming through the window but I couldn’t seem to be able to capture that. As mentioned above, this paper does not withstand too much working so I was limited in my attempts to correct this. Perhaps I will just use it for studies in future rather than final pieces. Using a photograph as reference, I felt sometimes like I was just copying a picture and not referring to the real scene enough. I think having used it to set out my guidelines in order to capture the distorted perspective, and as a reference for the bright sunlight, this feeling is perhaps unavoidable.


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