Set up another still life group. Use a coloured pencil or pastel to sketch them in roughly, using the side of the medium to create broad strokes. Then, use a different colour to sketch in the mid tones, and yet another colour to sketch in the light tones. Work your way around the composition, adding layers of colour on colour, varying the type and pressure of mark, building up tone, shadow and contrasts. Think carefully about using a variety of effects, pattern, sweeps of colour, etc. Work quite fast to keep the activity and the image spontaneous and energetic.

The course guide says to not overwork the piece and start again if you don’t like your attempts. This piece came very naturally (I was quite caught up and forgot to take progress shots) and I was pleased with the result so I moved on. On reflection, the shadows aren’t great, and the middle fold of the scarf next to the boot could be better. I think I captured the worn leather well. I enjoyed the intellectual aspect of restricting myself to a limited palette to denote the different tonal values. In reality, the bag is black fabric, the scarf is cream raw silk and the boots are dark grey.

A2 rough paper, soft pastels.

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