Aim to work your way around most rooms in your house over several sessions and maybe also rooms outside the house such as the garden shed. In each room make four quick sketches, turning 45 degrees after each one to face another area of the room. You’ll find that looking into corners works best. Make fast visual notes without getting involved in detail.

I used charcoal for this exercise as I tend to get pulled into too much detail if I’m using pencil. I was able to capture the rooms really quickly and I can see that this will be a useful skill when I move on to the later parts of the course. I was beginning to run out of time to meet my deadline so I have not done as many as I should have done. The strongest are the last two, I think because they are of a bigger room. Drawing smaller rooms makes me feel frustrated…. perhaps need to examine that feeling more, because I can’t presently explain why.

I’m going to concentrate on the bigger rooms for the next exercises.

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