I made sketches of the room I want to study in more depth. I didn’t feel particularly inspired by them, although they are perfectly nice drawings.


I’ve included my sketchbook below, but in case the text is not legible, it is transcribed here:

The lounge/dining room is my favourite room in the house and is an unusually long space. It made a huge impression on me when we first viewed the house and 14 years later I still love that it is so versatile; effectively it is three rooms.

I’d like to try to exaggerate that quality and try a long thin piece, maybe more than A1 width. I enjoyed the multimedia exercise so I’m going to do that again, in monochrome (browns) which will be close to the real colours.

I want to draw inspiration from the Antony Green piece in the course material (Mrs Madeleine Jocelyn with her Son, 1987) but with less distortion. My mind keeps referring to the Oasis album cover of ‘Don’t Believe the Truth’, taken with a fish-eye lens, and also their ‘Definitely Maybe’ cover (not sure why – I’m not a ‘super-fan’ but I’ve always liked their album artwork as well as the music).

I took panoramic pictures with my camera to see what distortions and foreshortening effects this would produce. I expected it to be either this shape (see picture), or this ….. but it is full of strange curves and actually makes me feel a bit ill! I tried taking the picture sideways in an arc over my head, with really great results. I’m going to try to emulate that – I hope it works! I’m going to use drawing pens, then add tone with charcoal, or maybe start with blocks of charcoal tone and overlay pen refinements…? I’d like to achieve an element of realism in terms of proportions and light, unfortunately the weather forecast is  rain for the next few days and the room is fairly dark. I may have to use artificial light sources, but that may spoil the effect of the two bright ends of the picture.

(later comment – it was sunny for a good portion of the day!)

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