Find contemporary artists who focus on domestic interiors and analyse their choice of content, medium, format, etc. Consider how their work reflects its context in terms of era, fashion, mood, current issues, and so on.

Cressida Campbell

Mainly depicts scenes from own or sister’s home. Muted but highly varied palette, very calm and comfortable feel.

‘Her intensely laborious process combines both painting and printing, in an innovative technique which results in two unique artworks – a single painted and engraved woodblock, and a one-off woodblock print on paper’ (design

Dexter Dalwood

‘Typically, Dalwood’s works depict imagined and constructed interiors or landscapes, usually devoid of figures, that act as memorials or descriptions of various historic people, places or moments’ (

‘Almost all of Dalwood’s paintings initially start out as small collages – compositions he assembles by literally cutting and pasting from the pages of magazines and art history. In the subsequent large-scale canvases the abrupt disjunctures and sharp, clinical edges, are faithfully reproduced, preserving the slightly unnerving, almost jarring quality at a sometimes exhilarating and monumental scale’ (
 ‘Kurt Cobain’s Greenhouse’ (2000) ‘Sharon Tate’s House’ (1998) ‘Camp David’ (1998) ‘Betty Ford Clinic’ (1999)
Do Fournier

Sumptuous domestic scenes drenched in golden sunlight, feel really warm and lazy. Distorted perspective and high viewpoint.

David Hockney

Huge variety of styles.

Jane Patterson

Very cheerful sweet palette, feel light and summery


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