Well, clouds are tricky!

Coloured pencils (with added soot from the ferry funnel!)

Soft pastels and coloured pencils, all nicely blended until the application of fixative which separated purple tones from the pastels and made the blue pencil lighter.

I think I achieved an impression of volume here.

Soft pastels and charcoal.

Soft pastels. I’m finding I’m still not very good at preserving the light areas. I used masking fluid for the sun low on the horizon here but managed to smudge dark pastel onto it and had to try to load up with pale colours, thus losing the impact and making the picture look stormy when the sky was actually very bright and the clouds in silhouette. The sun looks no lighter than the high pale cloud at the top of the picture.

I’m pleased with the effect achieved with minimal marks to portray the trees in the foreground in this and the previous piece.

First sketch conte sticks with highlights lifted out. This cloud was fast moving and changing which forced me to work quickly. This one is the closest representation of a cloud subject of all of these pieces. I think I’ve captured the wispy edges well on the left and underneath, and the more clearly defined right-hand ‘leading edge’ and sunlit top.

Second sketch pencil. I was trying different sorts of marks here to portray volume, none of which are particularly successful.


Simplified tonal study in soft pastels. I finally drew a cloud that doesn’t look like a rain cloud.  

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