View overlooking Portsmouth from Portsdown Hill. The day was slightly overcast but there were small patches of bright sunlight. I liked how it turned the water to the right of the causeway a pale turquoise. This view is very familiar to me. We often go up there for a coffee and watch the view. The white building in the near middle ground is actually where I work. It looks different every time so I think I’ll start drawing it in varying weather conditions.

I think I have successfully portrayed depth and distance through the tonal values I’ve used.

This next picture is Lake Geneva. I have no sketches, just lots of photos to work from because we were travelling on the motorway and couldn’t stop. When we rounded a curve to see the Lake for the first time, it was utterly breathtaking. All the different blues were just incredible.

I am very pleased with the surface of the water, the mountains on the left and the very distant clouds. The higher clouds and the trees in the foreground are less successful.

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