I did these sketches over the course of my holiday in September and was able to find a comfortable cafe to sit in and take my time. I’m not very good at quick sketches; I don’t like the results and it tends to put me off a subject. I appreciate that I need to develop this skill and discover how to make them valuable, and I expect I will do this through attending life-drawing classes for the next module. Having said that, each sketch took only about half an hour (or one coffee or mojito!).

I finished this one later on from a photograph.

I wanted to develop this one: it is of a side street in St Tropez with a beautiful mature olive tree at the entrance. The colours were so soft and calm- greens, creams and greys. I don’t think it’s particularly successful in terms of capturing the colours well- I’m still getting to grips with soft pastels. I found it difficult to choose the composition also. To include both alleys meant that the tree was in the middle and gave it too much prominence. The colours in the right hand alley were more pleasing to me which influenced my decision. In retrospect I think I should have chosen the left and altered the colour scheme, because the buildings are more interesting.

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