I can’t decide if I like this piece or not. Most days I do. It is done from a photograph with no preliminary sketches at all. I took a lot of photos of the main harbour in St Tropez because I knew one of the exercises was a line drawing of a townscape and I thought the location leant itself well to that. In the end, the main thing that stood out in all those pictures was the stunning perfect blue sky. The bright sunshine bleaches and softens all the colours of the town but the sky is a really rich deep shade that I always notice and comment upon often when we are there.

Inspired by some of the artists on the waterfront, I tried a naive style with solid blocks of colour for the buildings in order to not detract from the sky. I also omitted tourists and super-yachts….

I think this is quite successful; there is very little interesting detail to draw the eye downwards. For me, this palette evokes a holiday feel.

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