First study: a full length curtain draped over a dining chair and a cylindrical cat-tower slightly to the foreground (hence the additional grumpy sitter). I love the way fabric drapes, it catches my eye constantly. I’m fascinated by the way something pliable and soft can create dead straight edges, and that these edges in turn combine into overall curves.

I’m pleased with this study, and I captured the weight of the cloth well using line and tone. I like the slightly abstract feel achieved by using different colours for wood, fabric and fur, and then building different tones within those colours. I couldn’t see any part of the chair other than the seat whilst drawing; the back is angled away from the the seat, but it looks unfinished and my eye expects to see another leg. I conclude that my proportions are therefore not quite right. As so often happens when I focus on a subject, it did not occur to me to include any background so here is another piece ‘lost in space’….

A2, conte sticks on cartridge paper:

Quick pencil sketches:

I used a fleece blanket with irregularly spaced stripes in order to see, by following the stripes, how the planes of the fabric flow. Particularly interesting is the point at the top from which the blanket drapes, because the stripes converge into the middle of the space. I also like the way they disappear and reappear not exactly where you expect in the puddle of cloth on the floor.

A4, pencil and charcoal. Tonal study. I tried squinting my eyes to just draw shadows. The result is quite crude but if you squint your eyes it’s quite effective…! Actually it makes the fabric look too solid, almost like a thick duvet so in the end, whilst quite fun to do, not particularly successful in portraying this fabric.

A3, soft pastel tonal study. As I sometimes do when I get home, I hung a work jacket on the corner of the lounge door ready to take upstairs, and noticed that the structure of the garment makes for more interesting falls of fabric compared to just a blanket draped on a chair. As the door was open, I had two light sources hitting the pale grey fabric which gave a pleasing effect.

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