Leonardo da Vinci

Da Vinci’s numerous studies often evidence the fact that he dissected cadavers to gain understanding of human anatomy. I am particularly struck by this page that clearly shows drawings of the shoulder and surrounding musculature through various stages of dissection.

Laura Ferguson

Ferguson has scoliosis of the spine. Spinal fusion surgery at age 13 deferred the debilitating effects on her body for a number of years but as the condition later started to impact her, she began to study her own body to better understand what was happening to her. These studies included gaining access to resources in University medical libraries, and later obtaining a 3D interactive scan of her own body which she is able to move – pose – to inform her art.

These pieces are self portraits from her ‘Visible Skeleton’ series. They have a gritty, organic feel. The mark-making is intricate and delicate in contrast to the tonal work which seems to spill across both flesh and background, serving to tie the figure to the space and make her seem trapped in painful contortions.

Danny Quirk

Artist and medical illustrator, the graphic content pulls the eye in and causes closer examination, taking advantage of our natural morbid fascination.

Quirk is American. In the current often surreal and tense US social climate, his work increasingly incorporates a political message, and he employs the same technique to maximise the impact of his work.





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