Alec Shao

I am not certain that I am correctly attributing this piece to this artist as I had to try and trace it through an unreferenced Pinterest page. I cannot find anything about this artist online except some tumblr users asking ‘where did he go?’. His tumblr page is inactive.

I came across this piece whilst researching and find it totally compelling. It looks like it was created digitally. There is so much ‘going on’: gossamer-like lines across the face, heavier, almost vegetation-like marks around the neck and the clothing, strange tonal work, blurring and distortions, clear ‘canvas’, ‘finger-painting’. All combine to create a highly atmospheric portrait of a wistful, lonely subject.

Daniel Ochoa

Ochoa produces composite faces to eerie effect. Some features are very clear and appear to rise out of the page like the nose of this piece, ‘Painting Study 8.10.16’, whilst others have an element of realism within a fractured framework that almost looks like collage, as in ‘C.R Portrait’, 2015 below.


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