Picasso: Demoiselles d’Avignon

Looking at the various studies for this piece, I was struck by how different they are and note that by using different marks and media, an artist can give versions of the same idea completely different dynamics. The simple line sketch is static and flat with mainly vertical lines. The painted study makes the subjects indistinct, giving the impression that they are restlessly moving, there are no strong directional aspects to the composition. The third study below is full of angular, diagonal strokes that evoke a lot of movement.

As I’m thinking about my final piece, I keep coming back to the notion that I’d like to use charcoal for a detailed figure again as I’m getting a better result each time I do that and I really enjoy it. However, I want to somehow at the same time find a way to make the figure seem to be in motion. Perhaps this means venturing into multimedia territory again.

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