Thoughts on Time

Time is something I generally consider only in terms of what I can do in a measure of it. My professional life as an accountant is strongly time-bound, whether it is cyclical deadlines of month-ends or quarterly forecasts, or managing my team’s activity in order to achieve outputs ready to be collated by myself or other stakeholders at the appropriate time. Outside of work I aim to allocate time to balance Arts study, choir commitments, ‘down-time’, seeing family and friends, failing to exercise! I know there isn’t enough of it and it seems to be speeding up as I get older.

I think the only way in which I’ve considered time in relation to Art is in terms of historical periods, such as ‘What would Monet have thought of street art?’ or ‘What would DaVinci think of helicopters?’ or conversely ‘Imagine having to mix all your own paints from medium and pigment that won’t necessarily last, and not being able to just order some Windsor & Newton paint off Amazon with next-day delivery…’

I don’t recall coming across art that deals specifically with time as a subject.


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