List of everything read, written, seen, heard in 24 hours:

i) Quiz questions, picture rounds, anagrams, music clips – team-mates debating answers, speeches about fund-raising element. Chatting with friends and family.

ii) Texts with friends, Facebook posts, emails, scientific articles

iii) Road signs, diversion instructions, satnav instructions, conversations with friends about routes and local roadworks

iv) Music on car radio, anecdotes of listeners choosing 80s playlists, news, weather reports and warnings.

v) Dune by  Frank Herbert

vi) Sheet music for choir practice

vii) Tariffs in car park, menu in friend’s restaurant, shop signs, receipts

viii) View from Portsdown Hill

ix) Audiobook whilst working on a quilt


How many stories in list? i, ii, iv, v, ix

Which do I consider ‘art’? some of ii, v, vi, ix

In my view, art is something created, with a degree of skill. All writing is created, I see a general theme in my response that says he functional is not art.


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