Archetype Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Function
Bully The Kid Terrorises the already unstable Trashcan Man and drives him to more extreme behaviour
Caregiver Frannie Goldsmith Frannie is one of the earliest characters to whom we are introduced, nursing her dying parents and burying them
Creator The virus The superflu virus wipes out the majority of human life, leaving behind a deserted world through which the few survivors move.
Dreamer All characters Characters are all subject to dreams of either Mother Abagail or Randall Flagg. These dreams are the catalyst that sets people off travelling to congregate with others around one of these two poles.
Everyman Stu Redman The ‘everyman’ is a staple of Stephen King’s work. Stu Redman is the first person with immunity discovered by the authorities after being taken into quarantine along with others exposed to ‘patient zero’ and not developing symptoms. His escape from that facility represents the idealised response of the average person in the face of huge adversity and injustice.
Explorer Ralph Brentner A stabilising influence through his immense pragmatism and practical abilities.
Follower Trashcan Man Mentally ill and taken advantage of by the antagonist Randall Flagg, could also be The Innocent
Hero Nick Andros Another central character, has very strong morals and empathy
Innocent Tom Cullen Man with learning disabilities, sweet-natured and loyal. Contributes to the community spirit in the place of children, who are largely absent among the survivors.
Jester Larry Underwood Narcissistic and wise-cracking, forced to mature and care for others
Lover Nadine Cross Chosen by Flagg for his ‘bride’, Nadine leaves the protagonist group, along with Harold, and goes to him
Mentor Glen Bateman Retired Judge, instrumental in construction of the new society
Outlaw Harold Lauder Teenage misfit, in love with Frannie but turns against the group when she becomes involved with Stu Redman. Betrayer – attempts to blow them up and escapes with Nadine.
Rebel All characters All the survivors have to rise up and fight: in this context against the adversity of societal breakdown.
Sage Mother Abagail The central focus of the protagonist group, and the ‘force for Good’ in the story
Magician Randall Flagg This character is an incarnation of the main antagonist in the entire Stephen King universe, familiar to all Constant Readers. Evil personified.
Monster Randall Flagg
Ruler Randall Flagg
Villain Randall Flagg



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